So it’s been 6 weeks! Life in the Pilbara is going well. 

The White Lady posing for photos.

I’m enjoying working full time, knowing my roster weeks ahead of time, I can plan a little get away or 2. The warm weather is definitely growing on me and shock horror I may even be getting a tan, definitely a lot freckles! 

A lovely place to have a rest along one of the trails.

Two nights away camping in Millstream Chichester National Park was a great way to refresh after a busy first month which included a quick trip back to Perth for an appointment. So when I had 4 days off it was time to pack The White Lady and explore my new backyard.

The White Lady is so photogenic.

I thought I’d share a few hints and things I learnt during my most recent adventure.

1. Don’t forget your pillow. A simple one but trust me it will make camping a lot more comfortable. I realised that I forgot mine an hour into my trip, I did contemplate turning back to get it but decided not to, instead I used my bag with my clothes in as a pillow. Would not recommend! 

Such an open area of wilderness and a sneaky mirror selfie.

2. Even if you don’t think you need matches pack matches. Lucky for me I didn’t need matches to light the barbecues.

The park had very fantastic BBQ areas set up, which luckily didn’t need matches.

3. Carefully pick a campsite! I set up camp only to discover my neighbour was mildly intrusive and creepy, this was easily managed with avoidance by keeping busy.

4. Be prepared to explore. Maybe a bit vague, but for me this meant bringing enough water and appropriate water bottles so I could go on long walks and see everything, ensuring I had a full tank of fuel meant I could drive all through the park without worrying about running out, bringing sneakers because doing a 5km walking trails in thongs is not recommended, bringing plenty of sun protection because sunburn is awful, and the most important thing to bring is a willingness to have fun and relax.

Red dirt, flowers, spinifex and a stunning range. Couldn’t be any more Pilbara if you tried.

5. Make sure people know where you are going to camp, the details of the vehicle you are traveling in, when you are expected to be home and most importantly keep these people updated. This is probably the number 1 thing when travelling by yourself.

I kept my site very simple. Just a tent and my chair, my chair has a fantastic wine glass holder which is very handy. I have decided next time I will need to bring some form of shade.

6. Bring a well maintained first aid kit and any medications you may need. As well as having a first aid kits it’s a good idea to have an appropriate first aid qualification for what ever activities you like participating in. This is important whether travelling in groups or by yourself.

The pool at the Homestead is so clear and so very tempting to swim in which isn’t allowed due to its cultural significance.

7. Plan your trip, the best way to do this is by using resources such as DPAW and local tourist centres. Through these resources you can get valuable information such as best times to travel, weather warnings, road closures, facilities that are available, different camping spots and activities to do in the area.

In the warm afternoons the river was a great place to cool down amongst all the cat fish.

8. Over prepare. Bring extra food and water incase you get stranded whether it’s though poor weather and unsuitable road conditions to get out, getting lost, or your car breaking down. Non perishable pantry items such as biscuits, tuna, baked beans and muesli bars are always handy. This will also allow you to extend your trip if you’re just not ready to leave yet.

It’s wildflower season in the Pilbara and I couldn’t resist a photo or 10

9. Ensure your vehicle is well maintained and do a walk around and pre trip check. I’m not a mechanic I am a nurse so if I can manage a pre trip check I’m sure you can too. An easy way to check you vehicle is to use the mnemonic POWER. P- Petrol or the fuel suitable for your vehicle and any other pumps or generators you may want to run. O- Oils. Check your engine oil, the dip stick is usually yellow. If you want to go further check your brake fluid, clutch fluid and power steering levels. W- Water, this is your windscreen washers water and radiator fluid. This is also a good reminder to pack enough drinking water. E- Electrics, check all your lights are working and that your battery isn’t about to die. R- Rubber, check your tyres are inflated appropriately and aren’t worn out, also check out the hoses in your engine bay aren’t perished or obviously damaged.

Clear skys and lovely warm weather for a trail walk.

10. A list with 9 items would have been uncomfortable so number 10! Explore, have fun and relax, remember it’s a holiday and you’re meant to have fun.

Travel safe xx

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