So I’ve made it though my first week at my new job and in my new house. I only got lost while driving around town once, this was good though as I discovered some nice lookouts and places to go for a walk. Although I’m still adjusting to the weather so I’m still finding it a bit warm for too much walking around but I’m sure we’ll get there.

My neighbours came over to say hi before I had a chance to even get out of my car let alone get into my house and unpack, they seem friendly and have already got me watching their house for strangers hanging around while they are away. After meeting my neighbours everything was removed from The White Lady and dumped on my lounge room floor where it stayed until the next day. Everything is unpacked now and put in its place ready for the next 6 months.

Me and all my patients have survived my first week at work. I was very kindly given 4 supernumery shifts (I was an extra number on the floor) which allowed me to ask lots of questions, figure our where things are kept and how things are done. My most busy shift was my first day as part of the staffing numbers but everyone lived so that’s a win in my books.

There are definetly benefits to having designated and colour coded uniforms. It allows for easy identification of the roles each team member holds and you don’t accidentally ask an AIN to sign a medication chart or sign off on test results or you could mistake the doctor for an orderly or cleaner and ask them to clean the urine off the floor. These situations are embarrassing for everyone and possibly dangerous. On the flip side it is super fun wearing colourful cartoon scrubs, adds an extra bounce to your step and is a nice conversation starter.

Other than working and unpacking this week I’ve signed up for the gym, gone for a walk along a heritage trail and gone to a few of the lookouts around town.

My first full weekend in the Pilbara is here and I’m hoping to go out to Dampier and have a go at a little bit of fishing from the beach and do some more exploring around my new home.

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