The first half of my trip to Karratha is complete, camp is set up and I’m enjoying an adult beverage, although someone mixed my drink a bit too strong! I’m waiting for dinner to warm up, a very fancy meal of baked beans with the little sausages. Today was probably the hardest driving day I’ve had; a mix of pre journey excitement, a late night and having a cold with angry tonsils meant a less than ideal night sleep or driving conditions today. 

I’ve missed how The White Lady handles when she’s full although I definitely haven’t missed the fuel economy, or lack thereof of when we are full. I had doubts that everything would fit in and had planned to have a packing box or 2 shipped up at a later date, with some planning and juggling all but 1 small box fit in.

Yesterday the last of the packing was completed along with some last minute tent repairs. I rediscovered my fishing rod and had a crash course on how to set up your hooks and bits like that, is it called tackle, I will definitely be the most clueless fisher on the beach! 

When I was deciding what clothes and shoes to pack and had it all lined up I discovered a bit of a trend. I’m beginning to think I have a problem. My favourite colour is definitely blue, can’t you tell? 

Tomorrow is a big day so I’m hoping to get a good night’s sleep and conquer this cold/gross tonsil thing I’ve got going on. Although no sleep is going to happen while the man in the site next to me is watching the football. It’s been lovely weather for the last half of my day and I’m glad to be out of the wet cold Perth weather but I can see that I’ll miss it soon enough.

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