It may have taken a month and a half for me to get my first shift through the agencies, once they started trickling through more and more continued until it was flooding. It got to the point where last week I spent more time at work than I did at home.

I’ve mastered the double shift, which as an agency nurse means working 0700 to 1300 then again 1500 to 2130 so a 12 hour day working, easy right? For me to get to the hospital I’ve been working at it means waking up at 0530 and leaving the house at 0550, there isn’t enough time between shifts too go home so I stay around work. This means I’m out of the house from 0550 until 2230, 16.5 hours, the days I worked last week that’s all I did eat, sleep, work, repeat. I worked 42 hours over 3 and a half days then after a few days off I added a night shift too the mix, totalling 52 hours for the week. 
You may ask why would I say yes to all those shifts. Well the thing is that my move was in less than 2 weeks now, so I need to fund that and I know that starting a new job means I won’t get paid until after my first fortnight, so i was taking advantage of the pouring rain of work while it lasted.

You’d expect things for my move to be organised by now considering that I’m driving out in just over a week, you would be very mistaken. I have some frozen meals ready to take with me for those busy weeks when I don’t have time, because it’s in those busy times when more than anything else you need good nutrition and sleep. 

The week ahead is going to be full of packing and some catch ups with friends before my drive and fresh start. 

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