My trip to Karratha at the beginning of May was only briefly spoken about in the previous episode.

Mullets and hot sauce, what more do you need in a mate.

I joined up with the rest of the convoy on the Tuesday in Exmouth. I was forrbidden from driving into Exmouth in the dark so I was up at 0400 to leave Perth and arrived in Exmouth at about 1630, just in time to wave the kids goodbye as they went out fishing. My friends and I headed across the road to the pub to enjoy the only child free time we were going to have for the next 4 days. After dinner and completely failing at Poole we went back to camp until my mate decided he wanted to show the backpackers at the pub his hot sauce, so off we went back to the pub to only get half way through a beer before it was bed time. 

Ready for the first crossing.
Not everyone made it across easily.

For me driving in convoy was a new experience all of my road trips up to now had been solo adventures but for this trip we had 4 camper trailers and 3 cars, 11 adults and 5 kids. A 4 hour drive and many toilet stops later we were setting up camp at the fire station. For the trip I had borrowed my brothers massive double swag which was easy to set up and pack away as well as being comfortable to sleep in. Plans were finalised for the drive out to the river over a few drinks at the pub. 

The view of camp from the top of the hill

Thursday we headed out to the river, our convoy had now grown to 16 vehicles. We drove out to the Fortesque River and to the camping spot. We had 2 river crossings to do and for me this was a bit daunting, I’ve read and heard how easy it is to cause damage to your car with just the smallest amount of water. The White Lady and I made it through both water crossings on the first attempt, I won’t lie my heart was racing, I thought I was going to vomit and the adrenaline was rushing, hands shaking. The White Lady definitely has a few limitations, her clearances is a bit low and we had some issues running my freezer but nothing we can’t fix. 

The very friendly emus at Exmouth

Watching a game of poole at Exmouth

We drank too much, spread Mark’s ashes, shared memories and said goodbye once again. 

It was time to go home again. 

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