I’ve been home for nearly 6 weeks,  signed up with 3 agencies, booked for 6 shifts and they’ve all been cancelled. 6 weeks of no work and things were getting stressful. As the beginning of May came closer and the trip to Karratha was fast approaching. It’s been over a year since one of my good mates and an amazing mentor passed away. For his birthday this year we went camping to his favourite spot to spread his ashes and celebrate his life.

Despite the obvious money constraints this was a trip I couldn’t miss. While away in Geelong I missed being with Mark’s family and my friends for the first anniversary of his passing, that was so hard for me. Being away from my family and friends during times like this was awful and I didn’t want to miss out on such an important event again. 

While in the Pilbara I fell in love with the landscape and the lovely weather, it’s so nice this time of year. 

So with no work in the foreseeable future in Perth, I took a leap! I printed a copy of my CV, tidied myself up, put on a dress and went to the local hospital. A week later I wrote a cover letter and the week after that I was having phone interview! My phone interview was daunting and exciting the best part is I survived and got offered a job. 

Despite absolutely loving winter and the rain I am excited to work full time again and have the opportunity to learn more and escape to the warmth.

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