After a stop over in Adelaide and a trip to the zoo it was time to do the final 28 hour drive home. I killed it! Getting home in a quick two days, very very long days!

On the first day The White Lady and I made it through quarantine and across the boarder. Of course I did stop in Ceduna to have some fresh oysters for lunch and a quick nap. I brought 12 oysters a lemon and a pepper grinder; the plan was 6 for lunch and 6 for dinner… and like all good plans that’s not how it happened. Instead I ate 12 of the best oysters ever for lunch. A quick phone call to mum to brag about my amazing lunch and sending photographic evidence to friends and I found out this is not a normal thing to do. I didn’t care these people had not just experienced the culinary joy I did sitting in my car eating amazing fresh seafood.

By 1500hrs (3 in the afternoon) the next day I was home. I cried. I was exhausted but no longer stressed. My sister had also arrived home that day too from a trip abroad, nearly the whole family was home and it felt perfect. Suitcases scattered throughout the house waiting to be unpacked!

I was home and I had a bed, a real bed! Not only that it was my bed with my beautiful sheets. How I managed to sleep while I was away is a mystery. I have never before appreciated my bed as much as I did that night, and to make things even better I had fresh bed linen too.

After 2 months away I made new friends and learnt a lot about old friends. I built great bonds with friends at home despite being on the other side of the country, and learnt to truly appreciate my quiet friends, because when you heading up Shit Creek and you lose your paddle they are there no matter what.

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