An 8 hour drive and I was in Geelong. My excitement was high I was going to see my friend after nearly 6 months apart and months of planning this trip. To add to this excitement he wedding was being planned for a few months time, to say everyone was excited is an understatement.

I worked as an agency nurse while in Geelong and had so many new experiences. First time working outside of Western Australia,  first time within the private health system, on a surgical ward, on a surgical orthopedic ward. The new, or different, equipment used within the different hospitals and even sometimes across different wards in the same hospital. The weird contraptions that were meant to be IV pumps, I was very skeptical at first that it was indeed a an IV pump but I was shown otherwise, and had to be shown again with each new hospital and new pump! For someone that has only ever seen one type of IV pump ever this was something few new for me to experience, not only was I seeing these odd pumps I was expected to be able to use it. I felt like a baby boomer with a new smart phone, completely lost, confused and amazed by the machines witchcraft .

The wedding was postponed, The White Lady was given a service and once again packed and we were on our way. 

It was home time!!! A month earlier than expected but well over due!

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