It was time for my first adventure. I completed my graduate program. I had in my hand my Transition to Practice certificate and the just as important Royal Snitch Award.

Screenshot_20170214-203441.pngThe White Lady (my lovely white car) and I were getting ready to travel across the country to Victoria. We left on Valentine’s Day (how romantic?!), car packed with all the essential items we drove off into the sunset. Well not really, I drove to the fuel station at 10 in the morning, ready for the trip towards the eastern seaboard.

20170214_20370720170214_203247On day 1 we conquered 1123km a massive 12 hour drive, turns out there was no romance on Valentine’s Day…unless you include the thousands of bugs getting to know the front of The White Lady very intimately. Despite agreeing to not do the 90 mile straight at the end of the day in the dark, I did exactly that! I arrived in Cocklebiddy where I shared my motel room with some more bugs.

20170215_080127After a long first day on the road day 2 was even longer. 1232 km later and I was in South Australia staying with family. Day 2 involved time travel, a massive fuel bill, crossing the boarder and being quarantined.

After two long days on the road by myself day 3 was filled with my extended family. I spend the morning with my Aunt getting a tour of the hospital my Nan worked at and where my Mum trained to be a nurse. It was then a quick 3 hour trip down the road to Adelaide and my grandparents house.

20170218_195448The timing for my stop over in RAdelaide was perfect, the Adelaide Fringe Festival was running. Kidnapped by my Aunt and covered in glitter I enjoyed the marvels of the festival, watching my cousin perform and many other weirdly talented people.

A few days later and it was time to continue to Geelong.

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