FB_IMG_1486289377917This is the beginning of The Run Away Nurse, or really the end of the previous story.

I started the year by completing my graduate year. Now a qualified registered nurse with that all important 12 months of experience, or in my case 15 months. It was time to be set loose, watch out! 15 months in a country hospital and hour and a half from Perth taught me a lot. I had amazing colleagues and knowledgeable mentors, some experiences pushed me to my limits whole others were the most liberating and exciting yet.

My last weeks as a graduate nurse involved cakes, an audit report and certificates. One of my senior nurses created a certificate which she gave to me prior to the presentation of my audit report. I was awarded the Golden Snitch Award. Despite the negative connotations this may evoke, the nurse who created it for me was my biggest supporter, assisting me with data collection and proof reading my report. She is a nurse I look up to, someone I want to become!FB_IMG_1486289404464

Nonetheless, nurses eat their young! An utterly cruel truth. Underneath their terrifying cannibalistic exterior these nurses are strong and knowledgeable nurses.  The cannibal nurse is one to learn from, you just have to breath, pick up a chisel and don’t let them destroy you!

This blog is going to follow me through my life after my graduate program, my journey as a run away nurse…coming to a hospital near you!

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